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#10: Cat’s Don’t Dance and The Recurring Recalcitrance Of Corporate Animation

Warner Brothers mergers with dire consequences for the animation wing of the company have been making the headlines lately. Making the headlines AGAIN you mean, as this saga has repeated itself in one form or another since at least 1997 when Cats Don’t Dance was on the receiving end of such shabby treatment. Even the combined efforts of cartoon project Mr Fixer Mark Dindal, the wisdom of dancing sage Gene Kelly and an Old Hollywood aesthetic sure to please the broken down old bastards on the board weren’t enough to stop these cats getting tossed out into the street. It’s been taken into the warm homes of a dedicated contingent over the years, though will notorious musical holdout Niall be swayed by its charms? As is often the case with these yokes the answer is obvious: LET’S PUT ON A SHOW!

Listen up!