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#5: Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (& Environmentalism & The Narrow Purview of Dinosaur Fiction)

An ancient beast from podcasts past reawakens to a savage new age, but has this world evolved to match? Cadillacs & Dinosaurs is just as much pulpy fun as when we last looked at it a decade ago; less fun is the real ecological catastrophe that has only intensified since then (STILL without giant lizards) and the ever-tightening chokehold the Jurassic Park franchise seems to have on what can be done with dinosaurs in popular media. How can we learn from these past mistakes and avoid our cruel fate? Would the message of environmentalism be better received in the form of two-fisted pulp adventure? And what is a “quahoon” anyway? This show ain’t prehistoric! It’s classic~.

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#1: Soothsaying With The Simpsons

The world’s most well-known cartoon comedy family have borne witness to much in their seemingly everlasting tenure on television, and within those annals are writ many a gag that then eerily manifested into our own reality some years later. From murder hornets to presidential elections to scientific wonders, could The Simpsons be a codex that predicts the fortunes of our civilisation? Or do such respected major publications as Time Magazine, Gentleman’s Quarterly and that one dude you know off Twitter really gotta drum up some traffic? We’ll sort the cromulent truths from the entertaining lies and peer within the Springfield scrying glass to make a few prophecies of our own as The Secret Of The Sailor Madness is preached unto the world anew!

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