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#12: Phil Tippett’s Mad God

In this holiest of seasons it is only right to give thanks for those most devout adherents to the creation of totally sick visual spectacles that will shadow our subconscious for the long nights to come. Monster-making-maestro Phil Tippett spills forth with a passion project three decades in the making that pushed him past the brink of sanity, though is the world ready to accept his divine message? The Bible is recited; dreams are interpreted; a video game is shamelessly referenced and swiftly apologised for; and even through all the layers of muck we have the stomach for a Podcast Repaste. We’re not mad, we’re emotionally interesting!

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#2: The House, And The New Accommodations Of Stop-Motion Animation

Who would live in a house like this? An international team of talented stop-motion animators of course, bringing their skills to bear in a macabre anthology piece about the home renovation from hell. Laborious, time-consuming and requiring considerable skill & patience, this naturally prompts a discussion about the surprisingly healthy state of stop-motion animation in a modern industry where shortcuts are relentlessly sought out. It’s busted; it’s dangerous; but it’s ours! Come on in, take off your shoes, put your feet up and let your soul reside here forever!

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